December 12, 2009

Chapter 30: Pawley, Eastland and Sourwine vs. The State Department Menace

As Chairman of the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee, Senator James Eastland repeatedly focuses on the communist threat to the United States through the Caribbean. In 1959, he had questioned Maj. Pedro L. Diaz Lanz (QDBIAS), the Chief of the Cuban Air Force who defected because Castro was leaning toward communism. In 1960, Eastland calls William Pawley (QDDALE) to testify regarding the fall of Cuba and China. Committee chief counsel, J. G. Sourwine, then receives approval to release the executive session statements of Pawley made in September 1960 that “the loss of China, constitutes for me what I believe to be one of the greatest losses and one that in my judgment might be the inevitable cause of World War III.” Pawley blames State Department officials, Roy Rubottom and William Wieland for slanting things in favor of Castro. Pawley later blames “the foggy thinking of ultra-liberals, cotton-headed Utopians and radicals, not to mention covert Communists, all continuing to place Castro in the role of a visionary and champion of the common man” and cites John F. Kennedy among them. Pawley backs the Cuban invasion plan of Eladio del Valle Gutierrez.