December 12, 2009

Chapter 63: The Culture of Conspiracy

In 2007, James Pierson attacks “The Culture of Conspiracy” in the Wall Street Journal, questioning the sensibilities of those who have the audacity to believe in plots hatched by groups of people.

He totally ignores Osama Bin Laden’s cells, PBSUCCESS, and the variety of conspiracies concocted at JMWAVE. He also speaks from a point of ignorance because a million documents dealing with the Kennedy assassination are still classified, and many released ones are highly redacted. In 2009, Jefferson Morley in the Washington Independent writes on the topic Obama’s Openness v. CIA Secrecy: JFK Files Show Hurdles to Obama's Transparency Goals and states that “secretive government agencies retain the upper hand over the public and the Congress, even when it comes to records that are more than 30 years old...”