December 12, 2009

Chapter 61: Tale Spin

Bombs explode in Miami and a Bay of Pigs veteran calls the U.S. Secretary of State “public enemy No. 1.” Reports appear in the Washington Star and Soldier of Fortune magazine about Pawley’s involvement in “The Bayo-Pawley Affair.” It contains details of the operation to destroy Kennedy’s reputation but none of the Operation TILT classified documents from the period. Clare Boothe Luce makes her call to CIA Director William Colby and tries to explain why she was so quick to identify Oswald as pro-Castro and reveals how she and her friend Pawley conducted missions against Cuba. In December, the Miami Herald reports that William Pawley is going to be subpoenaed by Senate Investigators and has been ducking phone calls from a subcommittee of Sen. Frank Church’s Intelligence Committee. It is also reported that “Mrs. Luce won’t urge Pawley to release the name [of the Cuban exile who knew Oswald was pro-Castro] to the Senate panel because, she said, ‘Bill is writing his memoirs.’”